naomi cui

creator + translator
based in Toronto
(currently in Tokyo)

I am a programmer, writer, and translator who operates primarily within the realms of art, design, language, and code. This means I was a Computer Science and Linguistics double major who spent most of her life drawing. I speak Mandarin and Japanese conversationally and can email in French. I'm currently working on the bilingual comic Chicken Soup & Goji Berries. I like ASMR videos and play bass in a band called finch stn.

My Private UFO Manga Reader

An ongoing personal project translating マイ・プライベート・ユーエフオー, a Japanese language doujin manga by fanartist まな.


Please contact me if you would like to view privately.

Hanja Wangja

A design prototype for an online learning resource for hanja (Chinese characters used in Korean).

Animate Concordia


Animate Concordia is a student organisation for animation students at Concordia University in Montréal. I was approached with the task of bringing their website design to life.

The main face of the home page integrates their existing Tumblr blog into the layout of the rest of the website. A key feature of the website is the showcase of student films, which uses templating to keep the data separate and easily updated. It was important for this website to be easily and independently maintainable for the organisers of the club, who may not necessarily have deep experience with HTML and web coding.